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Our Philosophy


Detail is at the heart of our work. Our experienced interior design team collaborate with preferred contractors, skilled craftsmen, architects and suppliers to deliver complete satisfaction. 


Whilst our projects have our clients’ individual styles and requirements at their core, we seek to influence and incorporate our love of colour and the finest natural materials and objects into all that we create.


Our focus is not on fashion but rather a commitment to create spaces that are both comfortable and liveable.


We are rooted in long-lasting and valued relationships with our clients.





Steph Hill designs works closely with clients on developing the initial design concept stage through to implementation and installation, ensuring that deadlines and budgets are adhered to. 


The team are known for their energy and passion which permeates through all that they do. Their enthusiasm and attention to detail is reflected at every stage of a project and the end result is a testament to their commitment. 


Steph prides herself on a positive and personal approach to every aspect of her work.


Steph’s relationship with artisans and suppliers, coupled with a love of antiques, colour, furniture and artwork play an integral role in developing the character of each project. 

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